Easter Holidays
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I went to a fair and i went on a gost train, Then i  did bungey  jumping,I went in a wherehouse ,I went on the bummper cars and  last but not least i went on this thing that go’s really fast, first it went forwards then it went backwards.I went to the new chorlton park, in the park i went down a big slide,Then i went on this thing that you pull and then you it go’s really fast and it had on it a chair on it  and a  thing you stand on and something else  you sit on  and it swings around while you are going forwards.I slept at my Nan’s about six time’s and i got a whole colection of zibits they are robots that you have a remot with it and they walk.I whent  Asda and bought lot’s more cloths.I went in the street and played with my friend’s and with one of my friend’s i did a bike ride around chorlton warter park.I hade a pagarma party at my cusion’s house.I got some new game’s for my Play station 3.I had a pillow fight with my Mum and Nan.I played on my Nintendo DS. I got lot’s and lot’s of new movie’s and i went to blockbuster’s and got even more film’s to watch.And my baby Cusion Kiya came over to my house.And on Easter i did a big Easter egg hunt in my back garden and i hade tea with my family.I played tiggy ball with connie and then i played hide and seek with connie, and i played mucical chair’s with connie and some other friend’s, and then we hade a warter fight and me and connie were on each others team and my other two friend’s were on each other’s team, then we got dryed connie got changed and then we played melting kindle’s and we play dizzy dinosaur’s  when we were playing dizzy dinosuar’s one of my other friend’s fell in the swimming pool. Then she had a sleep over at mine and we hade a pagarma party,then we hade a pillow fight ,then we used face mask’s then we laghed to death because we knew we hade to keep still ,and then we watched avatar and  we went a sleep she slept in my bed and i slept in my mum’s bed.I went to my Nan’s house and she had a new cute puppy called charlie.And then it was time to go back to School.

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