Easter Holiday
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I did an Easter Egg Hunt  and when I found the eggs, My Mum let me eat them! Then I went to play with my  friend Shannon.

By Georgina

my easter holidays
Wednesday May 04th 2011, 2:47 pm
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When it was the holidays i went to my nan’s her rabbit had  babys when i got there saw her rabbits i asked her if i could have one she said yes so i got a baby rabbit after 5 days of staying there i went home.When i got home i shown my mum and my mum loved it . My rabbit is a boy and he is called cole because he is black . A week after i went to the park with my friend and we bourt a ice -cream  we went on the swing after we went on the rounderbout then we went on the climbing frame . We  went back home then we played lego and ther was little people there was one called natasha and one called amy and thay lived in a big bilding tower . It was so fun because her dog came running over and nocked it all down ! After that we had to bild it again then we played tigy ball.

Then i played tigy ball with skye. After we played hide and seek then we play musical chairs with skyes freind amyleah and kiran .After that we had a huge water fight i was on skyes team and skyes friends where on a team too. After i got changed and we played meling cadals  and dizzy dinosors  and kiran skyes friend fell inher swimming pool  we was laghing so much. When it was 10 ocock we put our pg on and wached tv and i sleped over but we couldent get to sleep so we had a pillow fight then after we went down stair and had a little party with skyes mum  then we put on face masks and we where ment to keep still but we couldent keep still because we wher laghing then we went on the laptop after that we went and wacheded avertar and then we fell asleep

By Connie

What i did on my half terms.
Wednesday May 04th 2011, 2:45 pm
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I went to a fair and i went on a gost train, Then i  did bungey  jumping,I went in a wherehouse ,I went on the bummper cars and  last but not least i went on this thing that go’s really fast, first it went forwards then it went backwards.I went to the new chorlton park, in the park i went down a big slide,Then i went on this thing that you pull and then you it go’s really fast and it had on it a chair on it  and a  thing you stand on and something else  you sit on  and it swings around while you are going forwards.I slept at my Nan’s about six time’s and i got a whole colection of zibits they are robots that you have a remot with it and they walk.I whent  Asda and bought lot’s more cloths.I went in the street and played with my friend’s and with one of my friend’s i did a bike ride around chorlton warter park.I hade a pagarma party at my cusion’s house.I got some new game’s for my Play station 3.I had a pillow fight with my Mum and Nan.I played on my Nintendo DS. I got lot’s and lot’s of new movie’s and i went to blockbuster’s and got even more film’s to watch.And my baby Cusion Kiya came over to my house.And on Easter i did a big Easter egg hunt in my back garden and i hade tea with my family.I played tiggy ball with connie and then i played hide and seek with connie, and i played mucical chair’s with connie and some other friend’s, and then we hade a warter fight and me and connie were on each others team and my other two friend’s were on each other’s team, then we got dryed connie got changed and then we played melting kindle’s and we play dizzy dinosaur’s  when we were playing dizzy dinosuar’s one  Then she had a sleep over at mine and we hade a pagarma party then we hade a pillow fight then we used face mask’s then we laghed to death because we knew we hade to keep still and then we watched avatar and then we went a sleep she slept in my bed and i slept in my mum’s bed.

By Skye

What I did on my holidays
Wednesday May 04th 2011, 2:44 pm
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When I was on my holidays I went to Chorlton park and played with my family and  on the slide. I went down the slide and then I played on the

tire swing then I jumped off and hurt my back. I bought a game called Toy Story 3 and played with my Mum and Dad and won.

Then I went swimming with my friends and had a water fight then I went to the caf’e and had hot dogs and chips and a dr pepper with a fruit juice .  And then I went home and my rabbit had bunnys and we could not touch them for 3 weeks. Then i had awalk to the marina.

By Matthew


Easter Holiday
Wednesday May 04th 2011, 2:43 pm
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On Easter holiday I went to Chorlton water park with my dad my sister and we played on the slide and swing and I fed the ducks.

By Mohammad.

My Easter Holiday
Wednesday May 04th 2011, 2:42 pm
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During the Easter holidays I went to Blackpool.I went to Blackpool to go to this place called Sandcastle Water Park. It was basically a massive swimming pool with over 18 slides.I went on all of the slides and all of them were massive but I wasn’t scared at all. There were two slides that start nearly at the ceiling and they twist and turn to the bottom. I went into one slide and my brother went into another one so we had a race. when I got to the bottom I had thought that I had lost but i couldn’t find my brother so I looked into the slide that he had went into and guess what,  I waited for a minute until he finally came out. I stayed there for 4 hours so by the time I got back I was really tired.

Easter Holiday
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In the easter Holiday I went to Alton towers and in it i see some ocean creature like shark’s and spider crab However i played water fight.
In the next day I visit my friend’s Azozz in Hilton Hotel and we played PS3.
After that i went to the Trafford centre then we went to watch Rio in cinema after the film i went to GAME and i buy Call of Duty black ups .
However i went to Manchester Arandale and it was not fun.
I went to the Trafford centre again and i watch HOP after that they give us a Winnie the pooh ticket.
When we heard Azozz Brother’s hand were broken we went to visit them and he was fine.
The last day when we got back from boring Arabic school I played on the Nintendo wii.

Easer holidays.
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On friday I moved houses and had a sleep over Niah came to my house . On saturday We wheat to a party and then I went to Iman,s house and had a sleep over me and Iman watched a very very scary move it scared are socks off.On sunday I went back home and a went in my swimming pool and the water was very very cold.

By Niayasha

save the water park!
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Dear  sir / madam,

I am writing  to you  about  choIton water park shuting down.

If  this  happens  all the animals will be indangerd like the  duks , birds and

squirrels  shurly  this shoud  not  be abl to happen?

Furthermore all the kids that play there will be upset  becaus they will have no go and  piay. From Georgina

save Chorlton Water park
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Dear .sir/madam

I am  writing this letter to  save the park.

I don’t want  the  water park to close  because it is good  and it is nice to  place to feed the ducks.

Additionally the park  is fun.